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343 Quay Ln, RWS—$1,050,000 List, $1,228,000 Sale, in Only 3 Days!
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335 Quay Lane, Redwood Shores, Sold 10/6/11
From left to right — Listing Agent — KT. Eckardt,
Buyer's Agent #1 — Pam Everett,
Seller — Bruce Vogel, Buyer — Hilary Hausman,
Buyer's Agent #2 — Evelyn Fisher

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"It is with great pleasure that we recommend KT. Eckardt as your personal Real Estate Agent".
— Kay and Herb Huber

formerly of 202 Harrison Avenue, Redwood City, and currently of 668 Island Place, Redwood Shores

During the last few months, KT. has helped us buy our dream home in Redwood Shores as well as sell our former residence at 202 Harrison Avenue in Redwood City. Due to the nature of the properties and the current market climate, both transactions were more difficult than your typical property sale. But with KT's superb skills, cheerful attitude and determination, we were able to complete these transactions without any problems or unnecessary stress.

When she represented us as Buyers, she was able to get our foot in the door before others and consummate a favorable deal quickly. Her determination and people skills allowed us to have access to a home that normally would not have been available, and structure an acceptable offer in a very short period of time.

While representing us as Sellers, she instructed us in the proper preparation of our house for sale with a sales package that was so organized, detailed and thorough, that the buyers did not feel the need to bring in their own inspectors—resulting in a potentially significant time and cost savings. It was a delight to have worked with KT.

"We are prompted to write this because KT did such an extraordinary thing for us. KT transformed the almost inevitably grim business of selling one's home into as nearly a pleasure as it could possibly be."
— Paul Sterling Hoag, Inc., Architect

formerly of 1541 Casale Rd., Pacific Palisades, California

"We would highly recommend KT's name to anybody who wants to sell his or her home. Thank you, KT, for being there for us". — Jani and Hari Kurup

formerly of 606 Teredo Drive, Redwood Shores

"We had met KT several times and have had good conversations with her during her walk-thru's giving away her flyers. She gave us emotional support as we made the toughest decision to sell our home. We were very impressed with her knowledge of the housing market and current economic conditions. KT was the only agent we thought would not only help us sell our house, but with whom we could also get along.

She was very organized from day one, and everything went well because of her timely guidance. Our house even got the "Best of Tour" award! Our friends and neighbors would also comment on KT's "Open House" signboards which stood out from all the rest. She was very conservative with regard to pricing but this got us multiple offers in a very challenging and tough economic environment in which each day the economic news worsened.

KT has become a part of our family and we are still in touch even after the house is sold, and that shows how humane she is.

"I would like to send kudos to one of your realtors, KT Eckardt. She is a credit to your fine company and the clients she serves". — Kevin D. Collopy

formerly of 705 Mendocino Way, Redwood Shores

"Although the market had slowed and some were predicting a downturn, KT effectively marketed my home and brought in wave after wave of potential buyers. My property eventually sold for more than asking and I was thrilled. Although selling a home is extremely stressful, KT made the process a bit more palatable. She is without doubt the most conscientious and dedicated realtor I've met. It was indeed a pleasure to have her by my side during this time. Please extend my deepest gratitude to her."

"I don't think it would have been such a smooth transition from Redwood City to here (Mt. Shasta) if it wasn't for your miracle girl, KT."
— The Wandros: Lou and Ginny and Mom Anne

formerly of 515 Tiller Avenue, Redwood Shores

"We have never been treated with such care and concern for our well being by any other realty agent before. KT was not only an excellent agent who made sure that all the T's were crossed, but she also showed such deep concern for our feelings. She listened to our concerns, reassured us when we had fears, and made sure our stress was kept to a minimum. Her great sense of humor helped a lot. None of us ever had a worry when KT was in control. She even made sure our pets were doing okay thru it all. It was very difficult to say goodbye to her."

"She not only took such good care of us as her clients but she became a wonderful friend in the process. Thank you, Peter, for giving us the opportunity to work with such a wonderful, conscientious and sweet person as KT. You have a gem."

"We have nothing but praise for KT. We will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to all who require the services of a top-notch Realtor who not only is an absolute joy to work with, but knows EXACTLY what to do to sell a property." — Mick & Shelly Hosken

formerly of 547 Becket Drive, Redwood Shores

"We have known KT for several years due to her diligence in consistently walking around the neighborhood, keeping her eyes and ears open and ensuring that all residents are informed of market conditions. We knew even before we embarked on our home-selling adventure that when required, KT would be the gal for us. We didn't even interview other realtors, and we have been courted by many over the years. KT is an incredible woman who knows her job inside out."

"I feel certain that I will never find another realtor like KT - she will forever be my friend." — Ginny Chiang

formerly of 467 Tiller Lane, Redwood Shores

She works very hard and really makes the effort to get to know you, and fully understand what your needs are. KT may no longer be my realtor, but she will forever be my friend."

"I couldn't have dreamed for better results with your guidance and help in selling my property!" — Stephen T. Liu

formerly of 1000 Davit, #120, Redwood Shores (2005)

In short, in this day and age when dollars no longer guarantee quality in performance, the premium in your compensation was very deservedly earned."

"What really impressed me in working with KT was not just her killer sales instinct, but also her marketing abilities.
— Sonya Chawla

formerly of 1000 Davit, #120, Redwood Shores (2006)

"I loved that she was able to change course quickly as market conditions changed. Ultimately, we ended up with a transaction where both the buyer and seller were truly happy with what they were getting."

"We wanted to say how pleased we were with our recent experience of buying a home and appreciated the efforts of Kate Eckardt on our behalf." – Nancy and John Hogan

formerly of 6 Admiralty Way, Redwood Shores

"She was always available to us, cheerful, and patient with us as we tried to find the home which would meet our requirements. She worked tirelessly to make sure that we closed escrow in time to be able to roll over our tax basis from our former house. She always made us feel that she was looking out for our best interests."

"KT had a genuine commitment to MARKETING our home properly." — Kathleen and Hal Shepard

formerly of 323 Quay Lane, Redwood Shores.

"She personally framed every picture for the flyer which was truly breathtaking and the very first thing the online buyer shoppers saw… KT refused to let us worry and we trusted her that we didn't need to. She was a lot of fun but absolutely serious about getting the job done and done right."

"We want to thank you for selling our two homes in the Bay Area. Your positive attitude, winning personality and boundless energy made the entire process smooth, easy and fun!" — Judy & Jim Frank

formerly of 511 Quay Lane, Redwood Shores

Your knowledge of what features help a home sell, your innate style and recommendations of professionals to do the work were so invaluable. In addition, you have great knowledge of real estate micro-climates and the obligations of sellers for their legal disclosures.

"In Ms. KT Eckardt, I found a caring, compassionate, passionate professional, who battled for my interests…fighting even City Hall!" — Victorine Palangian

formerly of 1226 Arroyo—Commercial Real Estate—San Carlos, California

"The sale of the property turned out to be a very difficult task: I was fortunate to have chosen a team of winners."

"I would like to recommend KT to anyone thinking of placing their home on the market…YOU CAN DO NO BETTER!!" — Patricia M. Lyons

formerly of 2332 Wooster Avenue, Belmont

"My father passed away early 2005. Being a long time resident of Belmont, my Father over the last few years, wanted to find an Agent who would value his home and neighborhood as he and my Mother had for nearly 60 years. KT helped us with each stage of the selling process with great professionalism and compassion.

"KT is an immense credit to her profession and a remarkable human being. We will always cherish her friendship." — Ursula and Cari Cariappa

formerly of 341 Bowsprit Dr., Redwood Shores

"She worked diligently on our behalf to make the sale of our property the most successful, and succeeded brilliantly under trying circumstances. While I was severely ill, she visited almost daily - she proved to be a true friend in need.

"I must tell you that your comments and help came when it was especially needed." — Dave Terdy

Agent, Bonafide Properties, Carmel, CA

"I was having a very difficult situation with an agent in your area."

"If anyone wants to call me I would more than love to recommend you." — Darryl Coe

Quay Lane, Redwood Shores

"Of course I would recommend you in a heart beat. I know that you are very hard working for your client and know this area better than any other real estate person. Not only that, you are very compassionate, fair and caring person.

"You will not find a more sincere, honest, fun, hard working and caring agent. We were very fortunate to have her on our side and I would recommend her to anyone." — Lisa Wong Schaefer

Cringle Drive, Redwood Shores

"Some of our close friends work in the Real Estate Industry; therefore we were considering doing business elsewhere until I saw and realized how hard KT worked. Whenever we needed her, she was there. After I gave her the flu, she was still working as hard as ever. KT fought for everything. She got us the smoke detector in the hallway and the showerhead fixed. These are small details, but these are details other agents would have overlooked or ignored.

We feel your work ethics, knowledge of the business and caring friendly personality is what sold our home." — Diane and Robert Scheer

formerly of 511 Pennant Ct., Redwood Shores

"I must say, at times it seemed you wanted a lot from us. However all the paperwork, inspections, repairs prior to the first open house really paid off. When the house sold, everything was done and this made the closing happen with no glitches. We hope to keep in touch with you for many years to come."

"Bill and I know that KT has been our best asset in marketing our home. We highly recommend her as your real estate agent." — Myrna & Bill Davis

formerly of 345 Bowsprit, Redwood Shores

"We chose KT Eckardt as our listing agent because we trusted her, we believed in her, she exemplified great expertise and she has been as much a friend as realtor. She repeatedly went beyond the call of duty and did whatever it took to put our home's best foot forward.